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The Grid View comes with a pair of complementary view controls: Details View and Form View.

By combining these controls, you can easily set up master-detail views using very little code and sometimes no code at all.

Our example will include a paged Grid View listing the products in the database table with a checkbox in each row (see Figure 1).

A Delete Selected Products button, when clicked, will delete those products selected.

From the following chapters you can see some important operations in ASP.

In particular, we'll build an example that closely mimics the web-based email client user interface. Value 'Change the number 2 to your column index number (The first column has a 0 index column) 'In this example the column index of Price is 2 Next Text Box1. NETLogin Tutorial Using Access Database - Visual Basic . NET to My Sql Database Read (Lookup) records from Access Database - Visual Basic . NET Placing Controls on Form Hangman Tutorial - Page 1 - Visual Basic . NET Visual Basic Tutorials Simple Login Tutorial - Visual Basic . Find Control("txtaddress"), Text Box) Dim city As Text Box = Direct Cast(grid View. The Grid View control is the successor to the Data Grid and extends it in a number of ways.

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