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When Jillian Michaels set out to adopt a child, she knew she was in for a long journey that would be painful at times.

But witnessing her partner Heidi Rhoades deliver their son, Phoenix, earlier this month was unbearable.

Michaels, 42, got down on bended knee at a movie theater with the couple's family and friends in attendance.

But first, she surprised Rhoades with a video that featured photos of the couple and past adventures they've shared together. a safe haven is with my family,” she added in a voiceover. She’s the glue that really holds everything together, and I think without that, I would be lost."Following the episode, Michaels fielded questions from fans via Twitter.

Blac Chyna accused Rob Kardashian of beating her up after he devoted a big, nasty chunk of his Wednesday to accusing her of sleeping with a multitude of men.

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A helpless Michaels could only stand by and offer support. “She’s an amazing mom.” Four days after Phoenix’s arrival, Michaels left on a flight to Haiti to bring home her daughter Lukensia.One day, they sold cookies to Vector, who, at the time, was competing against Gru in stealing the moon.Gru, who had just failed several attempts at breaching Vector's security, looks on in as the three girls are able to walk right into Vector's base.In truth, Bob has fallen in love with a beautiful divorcée, Gillian (Amber Valletta) and wants to marry her.Trouble is, she has three cantankerous kids, Fallan (Madeleine Carroll), Ian and Nora.

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