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Rather than avoiding their intrusive emotions by blaming and trying to change the spouse, I encourage each spouse not only to feel fully entitled to his or her feelings but also to be more responsible for them.This involves learning to bring our presence to our emotions with a wise, compassionate attitude (read the article Listening to Feelings from a Wise Perspective).

BWSS provides short-term individual support and crisis intervention for women who have experienced violence in an intimate relationship.Added to the science we have significant experience--over 5000 international hours in the counselling and relationship coaching profession--helping clients just like you.Whether you are thinking about moving in together, long-time married and wanting to rekindle the spark that brought you together, or single and needing help finding Mr. Right and making it last, we have what it takes to make your relationship happier and your fights shorter.Relationship counselling can give you the clarity and the insight you need to address any dating or romantic relationship challenges.Together we can breakthrough any barriers that may be getting in the way of achieving your best love life.

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