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#The Climber#Lit Up Chennai "I had an old typewriter and a big idea."- J. Rowling With colour, vibrance, music, a room of fill crazy lit-enthusiasts and a rusty old typewriter(the best kind! Register, Come on over and unleash the artist in you! Know more at Limited passes available ONLINE- In Chennai #Lit Up Chennai #Schneider #The Climber #Passion #Write It #Literature #Its Going To Be Lit Books have their own story to tell. He is also a part of South India's biggest stand-up comedy group - Evam Standup Tamasha! He dropped out to pursue philosophy and explored the regions of himalayas on his Enfield! Check out his travel blog and catch him on the Lit. Join #Chennai's literary revolution, one conversation at a time! Book offline- Book online- In Chennai #Lit Up Chennai #Conversations #Passion #Follow Your Passion #The Climber #Its Going To Be Lit Literature brings out the dire poet, writer or in all a romantic person...a person who knows what emotions are , a person who knows what is loss, a reliable person ,a person so deep that one would like to get lost . Meeting all these incredible artists with a beautiful mind, lovely stories...i was left mesmerized and i am stil in that zone. It feels so good to meet similar people with same enthusiasm and interests. More than half of all respondents reported generating income from three or more different jobs.

#The Climber #Lit Up Chennai Vikash Paul, is a stand-up comedian and a part of Evam, and a Chartered Accountant by profession, who is good with numbers but not with 'figures'. #The Climber #Lit Up Chennai #Comedy #Standup #Evam "Words are the most inexhaustible source of Magic." We've received a lot of love from the postcards that you wrote. Please note that if you have bought the All-Access Workshop Bundle, you have to be at the venue by AM since the workshop begins at AM. Let's bring back the emotions into literature, together. Everytime you read one, you are taken on a different journey. Catch his hilarious talk as he walks us through his journey of breaking away from stereotypes at the Lit. Honestly would not like to come out of it any time soon. For a lucky few, though, a full-time gig can translate into a six-figure salary.

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