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Emotional intimacy is a sense of closeness to another person; a real sense of two-way empathy.

When we're emotionally intimate, we can share personal feelings, display affection, and not be dismissed or judged harshly but accepted 'in the round'.

He wasn’t feeling that emotional attraction that keeps him engaged and knowing you’re the only one for him. If a man does feel emotional attraction for you, then there’s almost nothing you can do that will keep him from wanting to be with you.

He will feel almost driven to seek you out, and he’ll want to commit to you…even if he’s the kind of guy who never saw himself settling down.

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They make that decision to lock someone out emotionally before you even get to say, "Hi." Not a lot of people are like that, but they do exist.

Some people even feel emotional intimacy with their pet.

There's no doubt that a sense of shared intimacy is important for both mental and physical health (1).

" or, "Awwwww, he thinks I'm sooooo cute", or Big sigh, "He can't wait to see me again! "The other options for "jump from relationship to relationship with a emotional connection" are : OMG, He is such a loser! That kind of stuff loses emotional connections pretty fast.

The devil is in the details, and there's all kinds of nonverbal cues and spoken things that get missed or avoided than can drop interest.

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