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Other than her textbooks for classwork, no purse or identification were found in the car.

What became of Jane Mc Donald-Crone remains a mystery.

Long before Susan Boyle was launched to global fame via Britain’s Got Talent, another unheralded singer called Jane Mc Donald found herself the star of a reality TV ‘docusoap’, The Cruise, 17 years ago, charting her life as a singer on cruise ships.

She would go on to release a solo album that reached No 1 in the charts and saw her swap life on the high seas for one of the high life with concert appearances around the country that included topping the bill at the London Palladium.

But Mc Donald never allowed the success to go to her head; she was already 35, after all, when stardom beckoned, and although it allowed her to give up her life at sea, she was grounded in other ways.

“I still live in the same town in Yorkshire where I’ve always lived,” she tells me as we meet in the cafe of the Dance Attic in west London, the rehearsal studios where she is being put through her paces (and some) for the biggest challenge of her career to date.

Two weeks later, a woman walking her dog along the Merrimack River spotted his body near the riverbank. Both arms were hacked below the elbow, and his head was lying about 50 feet away.

In the days after Jane Mc Donald-Crone failed to show up for work or school, someone spotted her dancing with a man at a Harris County nightclub on Nov. Jane Mc Donald-Crone didn't show up for work at a Houston tool company the morning of Nov. NO SHOW: UH student reported missing after not taking flight for job interview The witness reported her wearing dark jeans, a light colored blouse with long sleeves, and white sneakers.

The FBI considers the disappearance of Jane Mc Donald-Crone on Nov. The agency has added her to the database of unsolved disappearances. 16, 1993 with an unknown man at a nightclub in Harris County. She wasn't at home in Magnolia, nor in class at North Harris Community College in Tomball. The mystery deepened when Mc Donald-Crone, then 34, was spotted two days later at a nightclub in Harris County dancing with a man.

It was actually my last contract on the ships, and I thought I’d give it up and become a corporate wife, live in America and have a nice life.

But fate has just hit me over the head every time.” She attributes her latest role in Cats to fate, too.

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