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The HTC Dream, also released as the T-Mobile G1, was the first Android phone on the market, and the device still enjoys a loyal following due to its form factor, especially the hardware keyboard.It originally shipped with Android 1.0 but later received updates to newer Android versions.

A new bios was released yesterday so i'm looking to get it updated.

my monitor only has a VGA and a HDMI cord., The whole reason Im updating it is because, i tryed playing Modern Warfare 3 and it runs good, but there was pretty bad screen tearing, I read about enabling V sync, so i did, then I had pretty bad studdering, im hoping a bios update will help.

This page contains information about installing the latest Zoom Guitar Effects G1/G1X driver downloads using the Zoom Driver Update Tool.

Some exciting features you can look forward to from the Moto G5 update are the Moto Experience app and Google Assistant.

It remains to be seen if the upgrade to Android 7.1 will be offered or if it will jump straight to Android O.

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